About Us

Canadian Contracting Services is well known in Parry Sound and the Muskokas as a quality builder and a good neighbour. If your focus is on building a new home, or restoring an existing home, and keeping the ecology of the area as a priority, Canadian Contracting Services has been the choice of many families over the years, the choice made by people who care about their home and where they live.

Rick Zanussi, the owner and founder of Canadian Contracting Services, is very proud of his accomplishments in the area, both in this business and within the community.  Homes and cottage built by Canadian Contracting Services show quality workmanship and a genuine desire to maintain a great balance with the environment.

Rick is a former President of The South Channel Association, a local ratepayers group, a councillor with the Township of The Archipelago since 1994, as well as the Chairman of the Parry Sound District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) since 2004.  Rick is very committed to the local community in addition to his valued customers and staff.

Rick is also a Qualified Designer under the Ontario Building Code, as well as a licensed septic installer.  Canadian Contracting Services is a one stop source.

Canadian Contracting Services, is incorporated under the name Terick (Rick and his wife Teri)


Canadian Contracting Services
E.S. (Rick) Zanussi
Isabella Island, P.O.Box 663
Parry Sound, Ont, P2A 2Z1


Phone: (705) 746-5135
Fax: (705) 746-7863